• Linea Research 48M Series

Linea Research 48M Series




Linea Research 48M Eight Channel Power Amplifier 



  • Four input channels, eight output channels
  • 3.2 - 10kW total power output
  • Inputs 4x Analog, 2x AES3 (4x Dante as model option).
  • Control, monitoring & alarm: Ethernet, configurable function Volt-free relay and contact closure port.
  • Energy saving modes: Standby and deep ECO sleep both with auto-sleep timers.
  • System sleep and wakeup: Front panel switch, network command, contact closure. and audio detection.
  • Max ambient temperature (full power, no audio limiting) 40degC (105degF).


  • Amplifier topology: Proprietary 5th generation Linea Research Class D.
  • Amplifier modulation scheme: Low feedback, multiple loop, with feedforward error correction. 

Output Power

Output power per channel all channels driven with continuous program material

  • 48M03: output power (per channel): 400W @ 8Ω / 4Ω / 2Ω
  • 48M06 output power (per channel): 750W @ 8Ω / 4Ω / 2Ω
  • 48M10 output power (per channel): 1,250W@ 8Ω / 4Ω / 2Ω

    Audio Performance

    • Dynamic range (analog input to speaker output): >113dBA typ.

    • Dynamic range (AES3 or Dante input to speaker output): >114dBA typ.

    • Frequency response: +/- 0.5dB, 5Hz to 20kHz, 4 Ohms. / -2.5dB, <3Hz to >30kHz, 4 Ohms.
    • Total harmonic distortion, THD: <0.05% typ, 1kHz, AES17, 4 Ohms.
    • Inter-channel crosstalk (worst combination of channels): better than -85dBr at 1kHz. / better than -75dBr at 10kHz.

    • Maximum analog input level: +20dBu.

    • Analog input sensitivity range for full output: 0dBu to +20dBu, continuously adjustable.

    • Analog input: 20k Ohm, electronically balanced.

    • Analog link: Directly connected to the analog input.
    • Analog ground scheme: AES48 standard compliant.
    • AES3 input: Transformer isolated with active cable equalisation for extended range (unique to Linea).
    • AES3 link: Active AES3 signal regeneration with automatic direct bypass to the AES3 input if the unit is unpowered.
    • AES3 supported sampling rates 24kHz to 192kHz (auto locking).


    Digital processing

    • Resolution: 40 bit, using proprietary LMD (Linea-Micro-Detail) algorithms. 
    • Sample rate: 96kHz throughout. 
    • Class leading limiter suite : See the ‘speaker protection systems’ section.
    • Hardman crossover filters: Better out of band rejection than Linkwitz-Riley (Unique to Linea).
    • LIR crossover filters: Linear Phase without the compromises of FIR filters (Unique to Linea).
    • FIR Shelving EQ filters: For linear phase filtering.
    • Overlays: Twelve additional independent overlays of EQ, Delay and Gain.

    Power Supply

    • Topology (main power supply): 3rd generation Series Resonant.
    • Topology (auxiliary and standby supplies): Low quiescent Eco-Flyback.
    • Internally stored energy: >600 Joules.
    • Mains input voltage range (automatically configured): 85V to 240V.
    • Mains input frequency range: 47Hz to 63Hz.
    • Mains inrush current (max for <10ms): 6A at 115V, 12A at 230V.

    Protection systems

    Note : Under all circumstances the control and protection systems will endeavour to deliver the maximum power possible for a given set of conditions, applying limiters only in extreme circumstances. Muting will only occur when a dangerous situation is detected, normal operation automatically resuming when the condition clears. 

    System protection

    • Excessive output current
    • Excessive power supply current
    • Excessive amplifier section temperature
    • Excessive power supply section temperature
    • Excessive DSP section temperature
    • Mains voltage out of range
    • Fan speeds out of range
    • Internal power rails out of range

    Speaker protection


    • Audio soft-clip limiter
    • VxLim, Multiband peak limiter (Unique to Linea)
    • VxMax, Multiband overshoot limiter (Unique to Linea)
    • Vx-Xmax, Driver excursion limiter
    • Vx-Tmax, Driver thermal limiter (long term power limiter)
    • DC offset protection
    • Excessive HF energy (VHF) limiter

    Power distribution protection systems

    • Mains inrush current limiting (soft start and anti-surge).
    • Mains average current limiting (mains breaker / fuse trip protection).
    • Randomised initialisation when remotely commanded to power up

    Monitoring and logging

    • Supply current logged vs time
    • Supply voltage logged vs time
    • Thermal Capacity logged vs time
    • Each driver current logged vs time
    • Each driver impedance logged vs time 
    • Protection limiting for each output logged vs time
    • Number of power cycles counted
    • Number of mains brownout events counted Fan speeds continuously monitored
    • Fan underspeed events counted
    • Various protection mute events counted
    • Driver Impedance continuously monitored

    An inbuilt alarm and notification system can be configured to indicate problems to remote devices either via the network or the Volt-free changeover relay contacts accessibly on the rear panel.


    • Cooling: Two variable speed fans.
    • Airflow: Front to back.
    • Air filtration: Washable media, changeable without the use of tools
    • Analog IN and LINK connectors: Genuine Neutrik XLR.
    • AES3 IN and LINK connectors: Genuine Neutrik XLR.
    • Audio output connector: Genuine Neutrik Speakon.
    • Mains input connector: Genuine Neutrik 32A Powercon.
    • Dante Primary and Secondary: Shielded RJ45.
    • Relay output & contact closure inputs: Phoenix pluggable terminal block.
    • Front panel display (backlit): Graphical, high contrast, daylight visible.
    • Front panel encoders: Two, indented, velocity sensitive.
    • Front panel push buttons: Large, tactile, illuminated.
    • LED indicators: Bright, easily differentiated.
    • Enclosure: Standard 19” 2U (88mm) with handles and optional rear support system
    • Depth (behind rack ears): 357mm (14”).
    • Net Weight: 12.5kg (27.5 pounds).


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