• Allen & Heath ICE16D 16Ch Solid State Recorder & 16x16 Audio Interface 1U
  • Allen & Heath ICE16D 16Ch Solid State Recorder & 16x16 Audio Interface 1U

Allen & Heath ICE16D 16Ch Solid State Recorder & 16x16 Audio Interface 1U



ICE16DX 16Ch Solid State Recorder & 16x16 Audio Interface 1U

"16CH Multitrack Recorder + USB/Firewire Interface with Balance I/O."

ICE-16D is a balanced I/O version of the popular ICE-16 multitrack recorder / interface. ICE-16D offers fully balanced inputs & outputs on standard D Sub connectors, making it ideal for use in professional studios or where long cable runs are needed.

ICE-16D records 16 tracks of audio directly to a USB key or hard drive. Just connect the 16 analogue inputs to any line level source (your mixer’s direct outs are ideal), plug in your memory and press record to capture live shows, band rehearsals, conferences or services for mixing or playback afterwards.

ICE-16D also functions as a 16 x 16 channel interface to your computer in the studio, streaming high quality digital audio at 24bit, up to 96kHz sample rate over FireWire or high speed USB 2.0. Units can be linked to expand the channel count even further.

Live or in the studio, ICE-16D makes multitrack recording easy.


Product Features


  • Connect: Multiple units can be daisy-chained over the FireWire bus, or kept in sync using the DIN connectors when recording on multiple USB devices, making ICE-16D the perfect companion for both small and large analogue consoles such as our acclaimed ZED, MixWizard and GL mixers. Plug into your desk Direct Outs or use a mix of Groups and Aux sends to save on channels.
  • Record: The USB DRIVE is automatically detected and checked by the system. Starting the recording is as simple as pushing a button. Remove and plug the key into a computer to access or transfer the WAV files to any DAW.
  • Interface: Removing the USB stick or powering up the unit without one enables the USB / FireWire interface. Signals present at the inputs will be sent to the Mac or PC on channels 1-16. WDM/ASIO drivers and USB2.0 class compliance ensure full compatibility with most DAWs, including Logic, Sonar, Cubase and Pro Tools.
  • Play: Fancy a ‘virtual soundcheck’ or just need to play cues during a live gig? Tracks can be played back directly from the USB drive and full multichannel audio can be sent from the computer to the ICE-16D analogue Outputs.
  • 16 analogue Inputs, 16 analogue Outputs
  • Front USB socket for quick capturing to USB mass storage devices
  • Hybrid FireWire (IEE1394) / USB2 .0 16×16 audio interface
  • Industry standard wav file format
  • Up to 6 hours of 16 channel audio on a 32GB USB stick Signal Present and Peak LED metering on each channel
  • Mono headphone bus for Input or Output monitoring
  • Daisy chain multiple units over FireWire
  • Sync two units for recording or playback beyond 16 tracks
  • Familiar Transport buttons and intuitive controls


Product Specifications


  • Operating Levels
    • Input: Mono input on 8 channel 25 pin D Sub sockets. +4dBu nominal (+26dBu maximum)
    • Output: Mono output on 8 channel 25 pin D Sub sockets. +4dBu nominal (+26dBu maximum), Headphones 1/4” TRS and 3.5mm Jack sockets (mono) 150mW minimum 30 ohms to 300 ohms
  • Frequency Response
    • Input to output +0.25/-0.5dB 10Hz to 20kHz.
  • THD+n
    • Input to output, +4dBu 1kHz 48kHz Sample rate 0.006% (20-22kHz)
    • Input to output, +14dBu 1kHz 48kHz Sample rate 0.0045% (20-22kHz)
    • Input to output, +25dBu 1kHz 48kHz Sample rate 0.005% (20-22kHz)
    • Input to output, +4dBu 10kHz 48kHz Sample rate 0.005% (20-22kHz)
    • Input to output, +14dBu 10kHz 48kHz Sample rate 0.004% (20-22kHz)
    • Input to output, +25dBu 10kHz 48kHz Sample rate 0.013% (20-22kHz)
  • Headroom
    • Analogue Headroom from nominal input (+4dBu) 22dB
    • Digital Headroom from nominal (-22dBFS) 22dB 
  • Channel Meter LEDs
    • Signal LED (Green) -16dBu input (-42dBFS)
    • Hi Level (Red) +20dBu input (-6dBFS) 
  • Noise
    • Output DAC noise (Input routed through to output) -80dBu (20-22kHz) (106dB Dynamic Range)
    • Output DAC noise (output volume to minimum) -86dBu (20-22kHz) 
  • ADC & DAC
    • ADC & DAC word length 24 bit
    • Sample Rate 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz
    • ADC Dynamic range 114dB (A Weighted)
    • DAC Dynamic range 118dB (A Weighted) 
  • FireWire Streaming
    • IEEE1394 standard AS400
    • Number of ICE-16 devices on bus 2 maximum
    • Audio data 24 bit up to 96kHz
    • Synchronisation Internal clock or bus
  • USB Streaming
    • USB standard USB 2.0
    • Number of ICE-16 devices on bus 1 maximum
    • Audio data 24 bit up to 96kHz
    • Synchronisation Internal clock or bus 
  • USB Memory Direct Recording
    • Resolution 16 channels, High quality media 24 bit 44.1 or 48kHz
    • Resolution 16 channels, Low quality media 16 bit 44.1 or 48kHz
    • Sample rates allowed with channel count reduced to 8 88.2 & 96kHz
    • Data rate at 16 bit 44.1kHz, 16 channels 84.6MB/min (3hours on a 16GB drive)
    • Data rate at 16 bit 48kHz, 16 channels 92.2MB/min (2h 47m on a 16GB drive)
    • Data rate at 24 bit 48kHz, 16 channels (use USB hard drive) 138.2MB/min (38h 30m on a 320GB drive)
    • Maximum file size (maximum single song recording time) 4GB (8h 17m single recording 24bit 48kHz)
    • Maximum supported drive size 8TB
    • Multiple unit recording: Number of slave units Two Slave units Verified (48 channels)
    • Synchronisation accuracy between files on different units 14 Sample (max). 5 samples (typical)
  • Computer Compatibility
    • Windows PC ASIO & WDM Driver 32 or 64 bit
    • Mac Computers Core Audio compliant (no driver required)

Physical & Dimensions

  • Width: 482mm
  • Depth: 225mm
  • Height: 44mm
  • Weight: 3.5kg


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